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    Spotlight On: The Pink Print

    nicki_minaj_-_the_pink_printNicki Minaj, like many artists, has spent much time and effort developing her brand identity, vibrant with personality. Her work, has shocked and stunned for many reasons her free and bold use of sexuality and use of fashion or revelry in materialism may immediately spring to mind but also because of one simple smudge.

    I'm of course talking about The Pink Print, a design by Joe Perez, the Los Angeles-based graphic artist who also serves as art director for Kanye West's creative agency DONDA. Joe has explained that he gravitates towards working with musicians. "They can express themselves," Perez marvels. "There's very few moments that I can remember where an artist wasn't representing clearly what they saw and envisioned—I've dabbled in other industries, and that isn't always the case. Working with musicians is an ultimate joy." Continue reading