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    Artist: David Bowie

    By the time Bowie released Tonight, he was settling into the most commercially minded phase of his career, recording pop-rock albums that chimed with the prevailing trends in the charts, rather than setting the pace himself. This appeal to a mass audience could easily have been fashioned with art duo Gilbert & George’s credo in mind: “art for all”. Indeed, having given designer Mick Haggerty a brief that included references to both The Knights Templar and Vladimir Tretchikoff’s painting The Chinese Girl (aka “The Green Lady”), the eventual album cover for Tonight bore an unmistakable similarity to the bright colours and stained-glass effects of Gilbert & George’s work of the period (notably 1982’s Faith Curse and the following year’s Coming). It was not the first time that Bowie, an avid art collector, had modelled his album covers on images from the art world. His pose on the sleeve of 1977’s “Heroes” was modelled on Roquairol, a portrait by the German painter Erich Heckel.

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    • Tonight
    • Tonight