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  • The Fame

    The Fame

    Artist: Lady Gaga

    Having honed her craft playing the New York club scene in the mid-00s, Stefani Germanotta reinvented herself as Lady Gaga for her debut album, The Fame. Perfectly playing the media at its own game, and tapping into the early 21st-century’s obsession with making a star out of anybody, Gaga emerged as a fully formed pop giant simply by virtue of acting like one; if the bejewelled sunglasses she wore on her debut album cover made her look like a big deal, then, by extension, she was a big deal. Gaga’s magpie approach to both her music and her image (take the best of 70s glam and 80s synth-pop; harness Bowie’s knowing androgyny to Madonna’s sexual frankness; add a dash of accessibly packaged highbrow art) was knowingly calculated attract attention, though her knack for turning out hook-laden pop songs ensured that Gaga was no one-hit wonder. Topping the charts in the UK and reaching No 2 in the US, The Fame was nothing short of mission accomplished.

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    • The Fame
    • The Fame