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  • Reality


    Artist: David Bowie

    Distorting the sense of what is “real” or not had long been part of Bowie’s modus operandi by the time he released Reality, his 23rd studio album. For the album’s artwork, Bowie specifically requested a design that recalled Japanese anime: a style of animation notable for its over-emotive facial expressions. San Francisco-based artist Rex Rey – who had first encountered Bowie after creating some tour posters for his concerts in the 90s, and later designed the cover for his 1999 album ‘hours…’ – came up with a collage that also owed a debt to Margaret Keane, an artist whose portraits are characterised by their oversized eyes. As a result, Bowie was rendered as a digital avatar against a backdrop suggestive of a virtual reality, rather than anything earthly.

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    • Reality
    • Reality