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  • Moving Pictures

    Moving Pictures

    Artist: Rush

    A pun within a pun within a pun, the artwork for Moving Pictures was Hugh Symes’ grandest yet – and so expensive that the band had to put up $9,000 of their own money to finance it, after their record label refused to foot the bill. The busy scene shows a team of removals men moving pictures from a gallery (actually the Ontario Legislative Building), as onlookers are brought to tears at the sight of such emotionally moving paintings. The album’s rear sleeve added a third gag, showing a camera crew making a film (or moving picture) of the paintings’ removal. Rush’s associates made up the cast of characters, including Bob King, the original model for Rush’s “Starman emblem” (visible as the third painting on the right), and Rush photographer Deborah Samuel (pictured as Joan Of Arc burning at the stake), whose own relatives made up the family of onlookers. One of C. M. Coolidge’s Dogs Playing Poker paintings was used for the central picture. The film crew actually did document the photo shoot, and some of their footage was later projected on screen during Rush’s live shows.

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    • Moving Pictures
    • Moving Pictures