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    With the hangovers now clearing it's time to cultivate your post new year motivation into a resolution that's both easy to stick too and full of healthy benefits for you and your loved ones. New design. Interior design can have a tremendous impact on how we feel and act, it can set us up for the day or help us wind down at night.

    So step firmly into 2017 by utilizing some of the latest interior design trends to create the perfect environment for you.


    Colours have been over shadowed by an interest in tones throughout 2016, but now colour is back! With a particular interest in rich and luscious natural greens among flurries of other natural found colours this is the perfect way to lift your home into a more ‘back to roots’ botanical look. Bring nature into your living space and allow your lifestyle to bloom.


    The minimalist smoothed textures can step aside too with tactile and warm materials like terracotta making a big comeback. Additionally cork seems to have appeared out of obscurity, no longer a only found in the tired office but a stylish and multipurpose feature of any busy home.


    Straight lines and edges remain a good way of creating clean aesthetics, but now pared with curvaceous highlights and rounded elements to create a more harmonious effect. Naturally inspired shapes juxtaposed against angular forms create a fresh and clean sense of being ‘lived in’ as well as a calming escapism.

    Here at Athena we have always been strong believers that high quality artwork should be available for all to enjoy in their own homes. With this in mind and our extensive research into styles and trends for this coming year we will be launching our new collection of curated artworks from up and coming artistic talents around the UK. You will always find new design ideas and inspiration with us. The launch of this will be at the Spring Fair in February and you will be able to find out more here soon. Keep an eye on our social media pages especially our twitter for up to date news on our new collections.

    Images from https://www.posterlounge.co.uk/art-and-living/interior-trends/living-trends-2017.html