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    In our busy high speed lives it's easy to fall into a routine. The environments that we unwind in are as crucial to our success and happiness as the rooms we go to work in. It's easy to forget to give our home that bit of tender loving care in the everyday rush but with spring around the corner there is no better time to give your home a bit of a refresh.

    There are many trends of Spring 2017 that will brighten any space, but many require lots of time and effort. So here I am to cut through the bombardment of Spring 2017 ideas for your living room. Here you will learn  a few tips to create a more beautiful and nurturing space for you and your family this spring. 

    Pale natural tones:

    Pale natural tones, colours and textures have been everywhere, giving a clean fresh breath of air in your living room and that will go with almost any furniture you already have in place!


    Green is the colour of the moment, and no wonder? This spring get nature into your home a few plants will brighten any space and are proven to boost your mood, increase your concentration and memory as well as purify the air you breathe. One tip to give yourself a boost this spring, get down to that local garden centre! Blur the line between the outside and inside.

    If you’re like me and not the best at caring for plants here are some hardy and easy to care for ideas for you. Remember to read the notes with your plant to position them in your living room where they are happiest:

    Pothos, Aloe, Spider Plant, English Ivy, jade, Rubber Tree, Dieffenbachia, Snake Plant, Ficus, Peperomia, Areca Palm, Cacti.

    Feature of Colour:

    With your muted colours and textures you will need a focal piece. Bright, happy colours are the way forward. They complete a room with a eye catching accent and also can enhance any greens from your brand new house plants.

    The easiest way to give yourself a easy and great feature is through accents like cushions but also wall art. Check out photos below from our brand new range of images curated for your homes specifically for Spring 2017!

    Handmade is as big as it's ever been, here are our wonderful print and textile makers in 2017.

    Bright, Bold Colour. It's fresh and warming all at the same time! Create that wonderful focal point in your living room today.

    Natural Tones are a strong feel at the moment, and can match almost any furniture you already have. Give your home that raw earthy feel that its longing for.