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      Mary Kuper is a talented illustrator whose prints are intricately detailed, and inspired by her love of narrative and theatre. In her garden window pieces she has captured a moment of energy, the birds about to drift into and out of the picture plane making the composition spring to life.

      "The artist has the possibility of being delighted with very little that is valued in our society- if you can be happy with a piece of paper and a pencil, you aren’t a good model for consumerism. Maybe just by finding fulfilment in an interior life we show there are other ways of being.” - Mary Kuper

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      "Creativity became a way of life for me.” - James Bywood

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      "I have had the most amazing journey of self-liberation and self-expression that cannot be compared with anything else.

      Angela Chalmers is a British Artist who uses inks to create stunning paintings of the female form. Her painterly raw textures create dynamic and tantalising forms, the perfect contemporary twist on classical art. For Angela being creative “is a personal freedom.”

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      Athena Art Lifestyle 2017 with Kate Heiss

      Art to me is something that evokes an emotion. I like to think that my prints could trigger a feeling or a memory of a time or place.” - Kate Heiss

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      “As a child - I was always drawing, painting, glueing or sticking. I have never felt bored as my Mother always used to say "find yourself something to do" which fostered a creativity in making things” - Catherine Kleeli

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      Athena Art 2017 collection showing some of the work of Chloe Cheese.

      "I thought that ʻartistʼ was a common occupation and it certainly felt normal to express myself by making art."

      Chloe Cheese is a print maker whose work has been exhibited worldwide and is in public collections including the Victoria & Albert Museum, London and the Arts Council of Great Britain. This collection encapsulates the essence of her passion for finding the extraordinary in the ordinary of everyday life. She finds beauty in the things that we might not even notice and causes us to pause and relax in the moment. Her beautiful work is now available to you through Athena and our brand new collections for 2017.

      Chloe has kindly allowed us to interview her to allow you exclusive behind the scenes access to her practice and inspirations.

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      In our busy high speed lives it's easy to fall into a routine. The environments that we unwind in are as crucial to our success and happiness as the rooms we go to work in. It's easy to forget to give our home that bit of tender loving care in the everyday rush but with spring around the corner there is no better time to give your home a bit of a refresh.

      There are many trends of Spring 2017 that will brighten any space, but many require lots of time and effort. So here I am to cut through the bombardment of Spring 2017 ideas for your living room. Here you will learn  a few tips to create a more beautiful and nurturing space for you and your family this spring. 

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      With the hangovers now clearing it's time to cultivate your post new year motivation into a resolution that's both easy to stick too and full of healthy benefits for you and your loved ones. New design. Interior design can have a tremendous impact on how we feel and act, it can set us up for the day or help us wind down at night.

      So step firmly into 2017 by utilizing some of the latest interior design trends to create the perfect environment for you.

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    • Spotlight On: The Pink Print

      nicki_minaj_-_the_pink_printNicki Minaj, like many artists, has spent much time and effort developing her brand identity, vibrant with personality. Her work, has shocked and stunned for many reasons her free and bold use of sexuality and use of fashion or revelry in materialism may immediately spring to mind but also because of one simple smudge.

      I'm of course talking about The Pink Print, a design by Joe Perez, the Los Angeles-based graphic artist who also serves as art director for Kanye West's creative agency DONDA. Joe has explained that he gravitates towards working with musicians. "They can express themselves," Perez marvels. "There's very few moments that I can remember where an artist wasn't representing clearly what they saw and envisioned—I've dabbled in other industries, and that isn't always the case. Working with musicians is an ultimate joy." Continue reading

    • Spotlight On: Gaga's Artpop Project 1/2

      Lady Gaga’s flirtations with Fine Art in her Studio Album Popart have seduced many curious minds. What is it that she is expressing through the many references to other famous works? and what actually is Artpop?


      A quick google search will find you many ‘art history guides’; lists of Gaga’s references in her Artpop project. However her work is far more than a cultural collage. Each song has its own focused message, with a different take on the central themes of ‘Artpop’ (explained in detail by Gaga herself here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7Voaj0xzpc). But what is Artpop? There are many possibilities but none are quite as formulaic as these guides surmise. Here I will run through a brief, and not completely comprehensive guide of some of the suggested meanings of Gaga’s Artpop. Continue reading

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