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  • About Athena

    Athena has been an art publisher and retailer for over 50 years. Its first shop was opened in Hampstead in 1964 by founder Ole Christensen.

    Athena was first known for its wide reproduction of fine works of art.

    By 1979 Athena had over 20 stores and also a publishing division selling to fifty countries and Christensen was able to claim that Athena was the largest company of its kind in the world.

    Athena then became known for a distinctive range of air brush posters and then most famously for Tennis Girl and L’Enfant by Spencer Rowell. 

    The company passed to new owners and at its peak had over 150 stores in the mid-1990s. The last retail store closed in 2014, the decline having been caused by changing technologies and internet competition.

    Athena now operates as an online Art retailer. We curate ranges of exceptional art from both established artists and new emerging talent form the UK. Our collections suit a wide variety of tastes and current trends, perfect for the modern art lovers home.